The Sacred Voice Therapy Kingston upon Thames

Welcome my name is Monika

I offer Short-Term and Long-Term Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling tailored to your needs.

I work in Kingston upon Thames and London Paddington.

"Live your best life..."

I have named my website as the Sacred Voice Therapy, because I truly believe that everyone of us has that innermost, internal, very personal and very private voice within us. Some call it intuition, others, the gut feeling, a sense of some sort or a simple heart calling. Nevertheless it is a very unique and distinctive "voice" we naturally have.

Moreover I also believe that living genuinely a full and bold life is very much inclusive of this inner voice or sense. To be in touch with it would mean living one's life from the place of a heart - living a soulful life.

Are you looking for a long lasting Change? Are you questioning the point of it all? Are you curious about your full potential? Do you want to live your life boldly and fully? Do you have questions around true emotional intimacy? Are you wondering about your inner peace and equanimity?

My areas of interest and experience are

- Low Self-Esteem and Issues With Self-Worth.
- Anxiety and Depression.
- Grief and Bereavement.
- Suicidal Ideation.
- Existential Life Crisis. ( For example, Loneliness and Alienation)
- Unresolved Childhood Trauma.
- Issues with Masculinity and Femininity.
- Relationship and Sexual Issues.
- Exploration and Integration of Psychedelic Experiences (in a Safe Space, with Respect and Dignity).
- Questions around the Spiritual Dimension to Everyday Life.
- Spiritual Emergency or Emergence.

"The time is now..."

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